Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby # 3

So we are excited to announce that we are expecting a new baby! Our due date is March 3rd. We are so happy and Payton and Noah are excited to have a new baby brother or sister. Payton is at a perfect age and is always asking questions. He is sure he is going to have a baby sister, we will find out for sure in October. Noah is not to aware yet as to what is going on, but he knows that the baby is in Mommy's tummy, we got a baby that is actual size as to what the baby is now and the boys love to carry it around and say it is the "new" baby. We are very blessed with our two beautiful boys and we are so excited to meet our new addition!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

LaVista Day's

Every year the LaVista has a parade and carnival for Lavista days. This year Neil took the boys on the fire truck during the parade. They loved going on the truck and Noah was so good and just sat and waved the whole parade. I sat with Diane, Aaron, Katie, and their baby Caleb. After the parade Neil and I took the boys down to the carnival. The boys did a couple rides and Payton got spiderman face paint.

Payton's t-ball game

Payton started playing t-ball this summer at the Y. He loved it! He did such a great job, and got better with every game. He has one more game next week. Then a short break and Fall soccer starts!

Noah's 2nd birthday

We celebrated Noah's birthday on June 6th at our house. We had a Thomas the train party, and had lots of family and friends come help celebrate. It was lots of fun. It was sad seeing my baby turn two!!:( Time goes so fast, having kids has taught me to be so grateful for everyday I get to spend with them!

Florida Trip

Neil and I got to go to Florida for 7 days with Neil's dad, mom, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, and his girlfriend. We had tons of fun and had a busy week visiting lots of fun places! We went to sea
world, bush gardens, Universal, and Islands of adventure. We also went to the beach on one of the days and to a place called old town, that had lots of shops and carnival type rides. We also went to the blue man group, the hard rock cafe, and the Renaissances dinner theater. It was such a fun vacation. We missed the boys very much! But they had tons of fun with Nana and their aunts and uncles. It was a fun trip, and we are already planning another trip down there in a couple years when we will take the boys.:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roller skating

Payton got roller skates for Christmas. The boys wanted to try them outside on the driveway. Payton did great! Noah did not like them once he stood up! Payton told me that he has to were a helmet or he will fall and get hurt and have to go to the hospital.

It was so cute and he as so serious.

Swing set fun

So we finished our swing set this past weekend! The boys love it and go out to play on it about ten times a day. It is so nice to have a park in the backyard:)